Îmi place să fie tratate de către toate viermi

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Ca un lacas de muse. Cu el curand veti fi vestiti. Prin vesti departe duse. Dati ascutiri la minte. Podoabe limbii voastre dati. Dar ele sunt disponibile. Uneori se face abia ulterior. Depinde despre ce vorbim. I want to use this opportunity to introduce you to our most ambitious project. We want to use Cati viermi lăsați pisica to spread knowledge where it will be used.

Studies have shown that Wikipedia is the most common resource of medical knowledge, and used by more people than any other source! We want high quality articles, available to everyone, regardless of language ability. It isn't right that you would need to know a major language to get hold of quality content! This was important, as Wikipedia was also shown to be the biggest resource used in Africa for information on Article source We see tremendous potential, but also great risks as our information needs to be accurate and well-researched.

We only translate articles that have been reviewed by medical doctors and experts, so that what we translate is correct. Many of our translators are professionals, but many are also volunteers, and we need more of you guys — both to translate, but also to import finished translations, and fix grammatical or other style http://hakofi.chatnook.com/viermi-flounder.php that are introduced by Îmi place să fie tratate de către toate viermi translation process.

So regardless of your background head over to our main page for more information, or to our talk page and ask us questions. Feel free to respond in any language, we will do our best to find some way Îmi place să fie tratate de către toate viermi communicate. No task is too small, and we need everyone to help out! Thank you for helping medical information on Wikipedia grow! Thank you very much. Din nou, e doar o sugestie. Îmi place să fie tratate de către toate viermi you so much for helping bring free, complete, accurate, up-to-date medical information to the public.

We really appreciate you and the vital work you do! We are wondering about the educational background of our top medical editors. Adus de la hakofi.chatnook.com? Invitation to the Medical Translation Project — a joint Wikimedia project started by the English language WikiProject Medicine! Thank you for being one of the top Medical editors! I hope you vierme mâncărime de forgive me for sending this message in English — we also need translators for messages like this, and above all local language community managerswhich act as a link between us and you.

Also I can not reply on your talk page, so please go to our talk page! Google Translation of this message.

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